❓ How to contribute

The best way to start contributing to the will be, first and foremost, by interacting with the Community. on the forum. The only requirement to do so is to have a free ❓ Github account. The Database on this website will include content discussed there (learn more in ❓ About the Database).

As of late October, 2023, this website and database lives entirely on Github, in open access, and open source. Active forum members are invited to help manage the database as it grows, by creating new entries, consolidating information from the forum, and eventually reviewing pull requests.

If for some reason someone cannot create a Github account, but would still like to contribute, there is currently the possibility to submit a 📭 Contact form with the contents of a contribution. This is less desirable since it does not allow for submitting any rich content directly (e.g. images, styling, etc.), unlike forum posts, that use ❓ Markdown.